New Product- Maroon Striped Towels

By: Leah Marriott

New Product- Maroon Stripe Towels

We didn’t quite realize how popular our striped towels would become until last year during the holiday season; We ran completely out of stock! If you were waiting for the return of our vintage striped kitchen towels, we have even better news for you! We are adding our vintage maroon striped towels to our website! It is a hand-hemmed 18”x28” towel, has a hanging tab on the corner and is 100% cotton. It will be a perfect addition to The Printed Gift!


Like our vintage red and blue striped towels, these have a much bigger print area than our white and natural towels. We recommend more horizontal recipes to be printed on these towels since it will hang/lay parallel. Either way, any recipe will look great printed on this product! There is also a lot more room to add family pictures. Our striped towels are more suitable for larger recipes and adding extra graphics; We love to see all of the creative add-ons that our customers include on their recipe towels!

We are super excited to add this towel to our website and can’t wait to hear your feedback.