10 Whimsical Names People Use for Grandparents

By Gracie Gibbs

Becoming a grandparent is one of the most rewarding roles you can play in someone’s life. But, it is no easy task! Deciding what you’d like your grandchildren to call you may be nerve-racking. I mean, that’s the name you're going to hear for the next 30+ years! 

We see so many variations of what people call their grandparents here at The Printed Gift. Check out these 10 whimsical names that people use for their grandparents. 

      1. Pop Pop and Me Me

A more traditional route, and more common name could be Pop Pop and Me Me. 

      2. Mammaw and Pappaw

Southern twang and country raised, Mammaw and Pappaw is definitely a name of the South. 

      3. Grandma and Grandpa

On the opposite side of the spectrum, Grandma and Grandpa fit the role of your more posh crowd. Just like sipping strawberry lemonade by the pool on a Sunday afternoon. 

      4. Gramps and Grammy

This is a rather easy one for the kids to learn. Grammy rolls right off the tongue, don't you agree?

      5. Yaya and Baba 

Similarly, these two names are also quite easy to pronounce. Making them a favorite among the youngsters. 

      6. Nonna and Paps

Did you know “Nonna” is Italian? So if you’d like to pay dues to your Italian heritage, this might be the name for you! 

      7. Oma and Opa

Although more familiar in Germany, Oma and Opa are a hot commodity when it comes to naming your grandparents. 

      8. Mamie and Pappy 

Throwing it back to the olden days, Mamie and Pappy are very common names. But, hey! They’re making a comeback! 

      9. Deedee (or Gigi) and Papa 

Unique yet still recognizable, many chose to be called Dede and Papa. This could relate back to their name, such as Deborah or Denise. 

      10. Be Unique! 

One of the most memorable names you could do is to come up with your own! It will make naming all the more special and quite easy for your family to use for generations to come.