The Printed Gift Towel Care Guide

By Gracie Gibbs

When you take care of your products, they can last you a lifetime. So, how should you be caring for your printed goods? Check out this quick and easy towel care guide to make sure you’re getting the most out of your gifts! 
laundry room

First, we recommend washing your towels as soon as you get them. This will ensure any residue from printing, shipping, or the oils from our hands aren’t lingering around. Cotton is one of the most well loved, and used fabrics. Its durability is what makes it so desirable, but when you’re giving the fabric a little extra love, then it will love you in return! 

 Next, you want to make sure you are using the right products when washing. Skip the fabric softeners and any extra add-ins. This is recommended because those will only affect the absorbency of your cotton towel. When you add in extra “smells” and “softeners” to your wash, it will break down the fibers a lot quicker than you’d expect. 

You also would want to wash it with like minded materials, and on cold settings! Bleach and “whitening” aids can also disrupt the colors in your towel. 

When drying your towels, we recommend that you wring out any excess water. Then, you could hang on a clothespin to air dry, or tumble on low in the dryer. Once the towel has completely dried, it's time to display it in the kitchen, or on the mantel! However you choose to love your printed gifts, we hope you enjoyed these few tips from our team. 

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