3 Things That Will "Spice" Up Your Recipe Towel

By: Leah Marriott



If you ever wondered what you could add to your recipe to give it more features and character, adding a border is a great way to perk up your recipe towel. It could be a simple one-color border, or it can be an intricate and elegant design. It’s a great way to add your own personal touch to the product. Check out these new borders we added to our website for you to use!




A picture is worth a thousand words especially when it comes to family memorabilia. Pictures are a key component to keeping memories, past connections, feelings and stories alive. Including a picture to your recipe is a lovely way to preserve those special memories. It also authenticates the recipe and presents how well-loved the recipe was throughout the years. You are now able to upload a photo on our website separately from where you upload your recipes at!


Clip Art

Adding clipart to your recipe towel can be a great way to liven up the finished printed product. You can now choose from a couple of different kitchen clip art options or choose all three to be printed on your towels!



Recipe towels are much more than just a printed towel. Adding your own personal touches can make it more meaningful and fun, especially if it is a gift. We love to see the creativity of our customers and how they include certain aspects of their families and recipes on our products.