5 DIY Gift Wrapping Ideas for Your Custom Gifts

By Gracie Gibbs

Did you know that most wrapping papers cannot be recycled? And, it’s one of the most sought after items around the holidays, which can increase unnecessary waste. From just using the items in your home, you can have a personalized and unique gift wrap to spice up your personalized gifts!



Sustainable way to wrap presents with a gift basket.

One of the items that most people will already own is a gift basket. If you have a spare one lying around, they make for a great base for your gifts. You can toss in jars of jam, chocolates, personalized tea towels, or even a funky cookbook! Add some crumbled newspaper to the bottom, tie a bow around the top and voila! 

Tin Cans or Jars


Jars filled with goods on a table used as gifts.

Going off the idea above, you can also make use of empty jars! Most people would use them for jam, or homemade hot chocolate. But, here are a few unique ideas you can also stuff them with. 

     You could also have the recipe printed out here, on a tea towel to wrap the jar in! 

    Paper Bags                                                                                                                                                        

    Wrapping presents with paper bags alternative to wrapping paper.

    Trader Joe’s grocery bags are probably one of the top ( and trendy) sustainable ways that many people choose to wrap their gifts, and rightfully so! Any paper bag will do, but if you’re anything like me you tend to hoard your TJ bags in a corner of your kitchen, so there are plenty to be used when the moment arises! All you need is a couple bags, scissors, tape, and a sharpie. Check out this step-by-step blog for more detailed instructions.  


    Newspaper used in place for wrapping paper.

    Another way to take your gift wrapping skills to the next level is to use newspapers! It’s sustainable, fast, cheap, and looks pretty cool! You could go for the traditional black and white or spice it up with colored comics. All you would need is your basic gift-wrapping essentials. Scissors, tape, and a sharpie. You can go a step further and tie in some twine around the gift to make it have a more “vintage” feel, or hand-make a bow topper as mentioned here by the New York Times. 

    Tea Towels 

    Using customizable tea towels instead of wrapping paper for gifts.

    An unconventional way to wrap a gift for your foodie friends could be to use a custom made tea towel. Cookbooks, kitchenware, wine bottles, etc would make perfect gifts to wrap in your favorite recipe. You can use our website, The Printed Gift, to print out the family favorites on a towel and then wrap your gift inside. It’s a two for one deal! Check out this website to gain more ideas on how to wrap gifts with tea towels.