How To Craft The Perfect Gift Message

By: Gracie Gibbs

Did you know that The Printed Gift launched a new feature? You can now add gift messages to your order. It's one of the most thoughtful gifts you can give someone! What’s not to love? You get to cherish a note from a loved one, letting them know that you care.

So, how do you craft the perfect gift message? 

 handwritten notes lying on a table with a stack in the background

First: Who is the note for. And why?

You will need to figure out the occasion. Is it your best friend's wedding? Grandma’s birthday? Or just a simple, “I’ve been thinking about you!”. Whatever it may be, crafting the perfect note can show your loved ones you care. Once you have that squared away, you can move on to the next step. 

Check out these simple ideas to help you craft your own: 

Wedding Anniversary
Get Well Soon
Graduations & Promotions
Housewarming Gifts
Sorry For Your Loss
Remember When?
Pet Party! 
Thank You Notes
Baby Arrival
Thinking Of You

Second: What’s the feeling? 

In highschool I had a friend group that I cherished. We spent our days going to football games, hanging out at the local CookOut, or going to volleyball practice. They were my best friends! So, once we graduated I wrote them all notes inside of a journal hand-crafted for them. Each one received it at graduation (pictures and all) and it made it all the more special. We were able to laugh and cry as we reminisced about our last 4 years of high school. They all still have their journals to this day! 

 This is just as simple. 

 You can pair a note with a gift, or leave it as a stand alone. Whatever you choose, make it memorable! If it’s your aunt’s 50th wedding anniversary, you’d want to congratulate her on a successful marriage. If it’s your best friend from college, you probably have a funny inside joke that only you two understand. Here are a couple quick and easy starters for you to use: 

  • Hey! Long time no see…
  • I heard you’ve been promoted, Congratulations! 
  • If I told you to “Get Well Soon”, you might be stubborn and ignore me. So, Get Well Now. Thanks! 
  • Wishing you two a happy and healthy ___ more years together! 
  • Many thanks for the invite. Enjoy this gift. 
  • Your efforts have meant a lot to the team. We are thankful for you!
  • Surprise! Just thinking about you! 

Check out more note ideas here.

Lastly: The Send-Off

The last and arguably most important part of the message is the send-off. Who is the gift from? Although necessary, it’s quite simple. You could write your name, nick-name, or just a simple note to let them know who you are. Whatever it may be, you want them to know it’s from you! 

Happy crafting!