How We Make 50 Year Old Recipes Look Brand New

By: Leah Marriott

If you ever wondered how we remove stains, lines and wrinkles from recipes, you’ve come to the right place! The process of it is simple yet intricate depending on what the recipe looks like. 


We start by removing any background from the uploaded picture that will not be included in the final print. Usually, that includes anything other than the recipe itself. We then extract the background color of the recipe; This is where it can get tricky! A lot of the time, the recipes that are sent to us are older and discolored which requires a considerable amount of attention to detail when we extract the recipe text.


The next part isn’t required but, we typically always remove the lines in a recipe unless we have instructions not to. This takes quite a bit of meticulousness since the text and lines overlap each other most of the time. We go through each section of the recipe thoroughly to erase all lines that are visible.



Once the time consuming parts are completed, the rest of the process is easy! We simply darken the text to make the writing look brand new and clearly defined. Adding a title is also a great way to make the recipe look complete.


Our goal is to keep the recipe looking as crisp as possible for the best quality print while still keeping the same look from the original recipe!