New Product- Pillows

By: Leah Marriott

New Product Drop - Pillows

What better way to display your well-used and loved recipes than on a pillow for everyone to see? 

We now have two pillow options that are available for purchase on The Printed Gift; Our 18”x18” decorative pillow and our 10”x18” lumbar pillow. The different sizes of these two pillows allows for all different shapes and sizes of recipes to fit in the print area of the pillows.


Decorative Pillow


Our 18”x18” decorative pillow comes in two different colors; white and natural. This pillow is perfect for displaying large recipes, multiple recipes, and has a lot of room to add customizations! Adding a frame, picture or clipart would be a great way to fill up the large print area for this pillow!


Lumbar Pillow

The lumbar pillow is 10”x18” and is also available in white and natural. It is ideal for smaller recipes and recipes that are longer in width. This pillow would be a great addition to your couch and would add a special touch to your home. 


Each pillow comes with its own polyester fiber filling insert. The pillows have a zipper at the bottom of them to take out the insert and wash the pillow when needed.

We are excited to hear about what you think about our new product addition to The Printed Gift!