Preserving Your Family Recipes for Generations to Come

We're all about preserving the things that matter. Don't let your treasured family recipes get ruined or damaged. Here are our top ways you can ensure that your grandkids know how to make granny's special soup:

Keepsake box for recipes.

1. Laminate

    • Laminating your favorite recipe is a simple and effective way to preserve it in its natural state. Although it could be a hassle, unless you have a laminator at home, making sure that you get every original knick on the paper could make it all the more special. 

      2. Store in a cool, dry place. 

      • One of the most common mistakes people make when wanting to preserve a family recipe is not keeping them in a well ventilated area. Sure, your attic is the most convenient area to store keepsakes, but sometimes it could cause mold from the moisture levels. Keeping them in a keepsake box in the kitchen pantry would be better suited. My advice would be to keep a filing cabinet full of your recipes up off the ground if you do store in an attic. 

        3. Keepsake Box

        • A family favorite for storing recipes is a keepsake box! You can make this a fun DIY and personally decorate the outside, making it even more of a family keepsake. But, if you don’t have the time or resources, a simple box with a secure latch will do. Check out these cute keepsake boxes here from Etsy. 

          4. Go Digital

          • Pictures can last for years. One of the most simple and fast ways to preserve a recipe is by using your cellphone. By taking a picture you are able to save and send the recipe to other family members easily. Just make sure you backup the image to a hard drive or cloud service just in case! 

            5. Turn them into gifts.

            • A classic and special way to preserve your recipe would be to put it on a custom gift! Here at The Printed Gift we specialize in turning family keepsakes into gifts you can keep forever. All you have to do is send us the recipe and we take care of the rest. Plus, it makes for a cute kitchen addition!