The Earliest Known Recipes to Date

By: Leah Marriott

Many of the recipes we all know and love today are some of the oldest recipes that date back to thousands of years ago. These three recipes are a couple of the oldest recipes in the world!


Bread was one of the very first foods prepared/cooked by man. Evidence from around 30,000 year ago, revealed starch residue on rocks from pounding plants and grains to make flatbread over a fire. Leavened bread (bakers yeast) was cooked as early as 6000 BC by the Sumerians who later passed the information on to the Egyptians. It is definitely now considered a food staple that many of us find tasty and comforting. This tasty bread recipe has people craving more and more!


Meat Pie

In medieval Europe, meat pie wasn’t necessarily its own recipe yet. The purpose of the “pie crust” was to preserve the meat inside it, not for it to be eaten. Later on, it turned into a delicacy and has been enjoyed by many for over three thousand years! There are many renditions of the original meat pie today but, check out this meat pie recipe that has great reviews!



One out of many of America’s most well-known and iconic foods is of course, the burger. The burger was first introduced to the United States in the 1900’s but originally came from a Roman beef preparation recipe that included minced meat, pine nuts white wine and fish sauce. This preparation of a burger dates back to the 4th century AD which makes it one of the oldest food items in the world! Nowadays, the burger has become a modern day fast food phenomenon where you can quite literally put anything on a burger. I guess we can thank the Romans for introducing us to a good ole fashioned burger! This mouth-watering BBQ burger will have you wanting a second plate!