The Story Behind This Sweet Family Recipe

By Gracie Gibbs

Have you ever seen a recipe and wondered what the backstory was? How did this become the family’s “secret recipe”, and why? Well, one day we were printing a gift for one of our customers and her recipe caught our attention. 

Below is the story of “Mimi’s Cornbread Dressing”, submitted by Ginger and Marshall. 

handwritten recipe on a white tea towel

“Cornbread Dressing has always been the most important dish at any Christmas or Thanksgiving meal in my family. The recipe is adjusted a little with each generation, but it must always be made with cornbread……never white bread!”, said Ginger. 

“ After my mom reached a certain age, the making of the dressing landed on my shoulders. My mom was never shy about critiquing my dish either! One Thanksgiving she announced that the dressing was too bland and that I must have used old poultry seasoning! Everyone thought it was funny, but me! I do wonder if she watches from heaven as I make it every year. I made a small joke about her and the dressing this year, and low and behold, chopped jalapeño peppers accidentally found their way into that dish! I’ll never live that down! I’m sure she is still laughing about that—I am still appalled about it!”

“ One thing is for sure, this recipe is delicious, just don’t make Nanny mad when you are making it. I’m sure she can see us from heaven!”

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