Why You Should Be Saving Your Kid's Artwork

By Gracie Gibbs

I know we’ve all experienced it. Mom wants you to write down at the end of each school year your favorite foods, what you wore, favorite subject, and save all of your artwork. It gets annoying, and may seem time consuming…but, savoring those memories for years to come will make you wish you had! 

kids artwork printed on natural pillow

One of the most precious gifts someone could receive is a piece of artwork frozen in time. Maybe even something you are wanting to keep that your child made, a fond memory, or simply a hand-written letter to Santa. It will be nice to look back on when they are graduating high school, college, or even that big event they were so worried about. 

So, why else should you save and make a habit of preserving sentimental items? 

  1. It helps reduce clutter. 
  2. You will appreciate it more as time passes by. 
  3. The art is one of a kind! 

Storing art away in plastic bins is pretty universal, but it doesn't do the artwork any justice! By displaying items around your house, it creates a home and it doubles as the perfect gift!